Irrigation Upgrades in Royse City

Service Upgrades

There are two ways that home and business owners in Texas have found to help create the greenest, most lavish lawns and gardens possible by the laws of nature and biology. The first is through hiring professional help, much like we provide here at The IrriGators, and the other is through increased use of technology.

Ensuring the perfect amount of water finds its way to the roots of landscaping, flower beds, and lawns is a matter of precision, and today’s technological advancements in the world of irrigation have allowed more precision than ever before. With some of the service upgrades we can offer customers, it is easier than ever to ensure that every bit of flora in a yard receives exactly the amount of water it needs to thrive.

The IrriGators offers two specific service upgrades that exemplify just how far irrigation upgrade technology has come. By installing a WiFi-enabled controller/time module and a wireless rain/freeze sensor, your lawn and landscaping can look better than ever!

Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor

Everybody hates it when sprinkler systems run needlessly in the rain or when it's freezing, not only because it’s a waste of money and resources, but also because the excess water can kill your grass. 

A wireless rain sensor keeps you updated on the amount of rainfall and the temperature outside, notifying you when the system is delayed due to rain or freezing. It is easy to control and monitor with its very own screen that is installed right next to your controller/timer, and once the water evaporates out of the sensor or when the temperature raises back up above freezing, the system will turn back on.

The automation reduces waste and excess water, while the smartphone updates are great for notifying you when everything is working as it should be. This service starts at $160.00, plus labor.

WiFi-Enabled Controller/Timer Module

There is an app for just about everything at this point, so there may as well be one for your irrigation system, too. For the first time, customers can control their entire sprinkler systems from their smartphones or tablets, including everything from monitoring zones to keeping an eye on the rain sensor to viewing and altering the seasonal watering schedule. 

Furthermore, if you are having issues with your system, this easy-to-use app alerts home and business owners of electrical issues immediately, and the most exciting feature is the automatic seasonal adjustment, as it can retrieve local weather information and automatically adjust watering times accordingly. The timer/ controller starts at $160.00 and the sensor is $65.00 plus labor.

Sprinkler Services in Dallas

If you would like more information about either of these technological irrigation tools, give us a call here at The IrriGators and we will be happy to talk you through the process of getting these installed at your home or business.

With technology comes greener lawns and more attractive landscaping, so if you would like precision in those areas, certain tools are available to ensure that happens. Our professionals would love to help install them on your property today.